I’m starting to reach the point of work related exhaustion I think. The place I’m staying now is very pleasant in the house, and the work isn’t bad by any means, but 5-6 hours in the sun each day now, and I’m starting to feel things take it’s toll. Not to say the work so much, just the lack of a break – it’s 7 days a week the way I’ve been going, and I haven’t had a good, long stay of being a ‘tourist’ in quite some time now. Since the Bay of Islands actually. So when my work stay here is up, I’ll be heading south to Napier and staying in a hostel once again, this time for a week in just a single place. It will allow me to recharge, see the sights of an Art-Deco town, and also, catch a Rugby World Cup game featuring Canada!

Speaking of the RWC, Canada played their first game last night – AND WON! They beat the small island nation of Tonga – and it was quite the upset. Canada pulled off a great come from behind victory, and that sets them up well to acheive their goals of not being dead last in their pool!

Posts will hopefully be back to normal now (got my main East-Cape journey one up below, finally!), since I should be getting caught up on numerous emails and everything else tonight. My host doesn’t offer internet (the first one that hasn’t), so that’s hampered my online abilities a bit, but I can manage. For now, it’s dinner time!

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