Sweet and Sour

The place I’m working is primarily a lemon orchard, but my hosts do have quite a few other neat parts to the farm area.

They’ve got chooks and ducks a plenty:

Even a few baby chooks:

4 pigs, all of which are startlingly ugly. As Steff mentioned upon seeing the pigs – a face only a mother could love. I think in their cases, the mother would have to be blind. But they are really cool pigs, they love avocados and are pretty friendly.

Rows and rows of lemon trees:

Several sheep, and the remnants of numerous avocado trees. This was one thing that has kept Steff and I busy the last few days – clearing much of the large debris off the ground and into piles (the pile you see in the background was already there – we just did the smaller stuff, ie 10-20lb branches max, not whole trees!)

And finally, baby lemon trees, which we also worked on:

The work involved removing the flowers and any potential fruit buds or growing fruit from the trees – the trees are too young still to produce much fruit, so they are having the extra stuff removed so that the trees can concentrate on growing more branches and leaves instead. After another year or two, THEN they will be allowed to grow usable fruit.

The lemons themselves are of a specific type (can’t recall the name), but the ones grown on this orchard are all sold to be exported to the Japanese market – who love them. The lemons can be eaten much like an orange, and I did indeed try one that way. Not TERRIBLE, but not my kind of thing either. It wasn’t sickly sour at all, but more tasted like an orange that was a bit sour/under ripe. Steff loves them and is now collected the off-cast fruit.

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