Canada played in their 2nd Rugby World Cup game yesterday, and while they showed resilience, they were still completely pounded into oblivion by the French. Rugby is very much a game with two tiers of teams, and is one of those sports that you very VERY rarely see an upset such as Canada overtaking a team like France. So while Canada can hold their heads (and beards) high for staying within reach of France after the 1st half, it very much was a game to simply get through and look forward to more reasonable competition – such as against Japan, in just over a weeks time.

Still, as a Canadian, it’s fun to cheer for them in spite of their lesser status in Rugby circles. They’ve played with a lot of heart so far and it’s good to see such support, even all the way down here in NZ. Lots of Canadian flags in stands. I do think that we should change our colours to lumber-jack plaid, some of the guys look exactly like lumberjacks in my mind. A great fit for Canada though as the hair isn’t just for show (it strikes fear into the hearts of other men) this guy was the MVP for Canada in their win against Tonga.

How would you enjoy the human equivalent of a grizzly bear, coming at you at full speed? Not very much at all I imagine…

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