Round and round in circles

Or giant ovals, as it were.

After another day of work on the lemon orchards, Steff and I took off to a national event being held near Gisborne – the NZDBF BRN. Or, to most of us, the New Zealand Dirt Bike Federation Beach Racing Nationals.

It was pretty fun watching these guys and gals go round and round in circles…for about 30 minutes or so. They also had ATVs racing from time to time. But it was mostly about the bikes – which went VERY fast along the beach – over 100km/hr.

After all that excitement I had worked up an appetite. I mentioned to Steff that, to top off the event, they really were missing the requisite BBQ. 5 minutes later I could smell the delicious scent of BBQ sausages, and knew what I had to do.

They do their hot-dog equivalent a bit differently here in NZ – bread instead of a bun, and much more of a fat sausage type deal than typical hot dog. It was barbecued dead animal, either way, I was more than pleased.

With the energy gained from the aforementioned sausage, we decided to hike up a nearby hill. Now the races looked like ants scurrying around in circles. And then they were attacked by a dragon.

It was a grisly sight. Meanwhile, Steff simply enjoyed the view.

Admittedly, the view was pretty good from up on the hilltop, out of view of the menacing and destructive dragon.

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