I’ll be back…with new brakes

This is the view I got from the peak of Te Mata this afternoon:

Not quite picture perfect, but not bad from a peak considering my history. Granted, I cheated:

Yup, that would be my car there in the picture. You can actually drive to the peak of the 400m hill. Te Mata is featured in a lot of postcards for the Hawke’s Bay / Napier area – some of you might even get a postcard with it. Speaking of which, if you aren’t receiving postcards from me, feel free to email me your address and I’ll start sending you some as well! I did the drive late in the day today more as a test to see if it would be worth hiking in the next few days – it was, in my mind. It’s a great looking spot and there are several good tracks up, down and around the area. Plus, it’s got lots of fluffy sheep around that somehow made it up the cliff side.

There are lots of hikes around the base, and ascending the peak, so I’ll attempt that, and document it, on a perfectly clear and sunny day – likely Monday or Tuesday. First though, I have more car repairs to take care of. On the way down the steep hill, the brakes began grinding, and on the flats there is now a constant squealing from the wheels, a sign that the brakes need to be replaced. At least, that’s all I’m hoping it is. It was another expense I expected with my car – brakes don’t last long in this country given the extreme workouts they have to endure. I’m just hoping it isn’t TOO expensive. I’ll find out tomorrow.

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