When one buys a ‘Meatlovers Pizza’, one has certain expectations. For there to be various type of dead animal carcass on the pizza. And it to be devoid of any redeeming factors besides taste – namely, no veggies.

And I thought I was fairly diligent – I checked the label, I checked the packaging relatively closely. All in all, it looked like a tasty, CHEAP ($2.50) dinner/lunch to be heated in the oven. Excited to have tasty cheese bread and meat, I pre-heated the oven and opened the package. My senses were assaulted with the horrible, awful smell of…

Those that know me, know I absolutely ABHOR the retched things. Onions ruin the taste of everything they touch, scourge of the earth that they are. I hoped that the smell was just the packaging, but on very close inspection I noticed diced white onion covering the pizza. My dinner, ruined. I still ate the pizza, didn’t enjoy it, but I wasn’t about to waste $2.50. I had to wash the awful taste away with ice cream afterwards but even now, it still lingers. I’m now apprehensive about my ‘Hawaiian Pizza’ from the same company – if they hid mushrooms in the thing, I might just cry.

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