Back in Canada

At least, one can be mistaken from time to time here in Napier.

Right outside my hostel and up and down the nearby street, Canadian flags are flying everywhere. There were also pictures of the Loonie in store windows – something about a contest. Heck, I don’t think WE fly the flag this often in Canada. It’s all very enjoyable – Napier hosts 2 Rugby World Cup games, featuring Canada both games, against France and Japan. Other streets have done themselves up in a similar French or Japanese fashion. And the town has the distinction of selling out both of their games. Unfortunately, I’ve still been unable to find a ticket for myself, and the game day is only 2 days away now. Not looking good, but worst case I hit a pub that night and enjoy what should be a good match between evenly matched teams. I’m holding out a little hope still, but it’s waning by now.

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