Everything happens on the same day

1. Hiked to Cape Kidnappers and saw Boobie relatives (Gannets). 8km each way.

2. Had telephone interview during return hike.

3. Returned to car to find battery dead.

4. After about an hour, found another car with jumper cables. Got boost.

5. Checked one last time in vain for Canada/Japan rugby tickets. Still sold out.

6. Went to stadium with cardboard sign reading ‘Looking to buy 1 Ticket (Canada Flag)’. I should have taken a picture.

7. Within 15 minutes scored a $72 ticket (highest price) for $40, with 2 kiwi ladies and 1 husband. Other husband had been called into work.

8. Proceeded to drink a lot with new kiwi friends as Canada and Japan played a hard fought match…to a draw. Sounds like a soccer match, but it certainly wasn’t – 23-23 was the score. And the beards were out en force.

9. Going to bed early because of exhaustion. Will update more thoroughly tomorrow. Where I might be for that update – still to be determined. This is my last night in Napier, where I go from here is still to be decided. Something to figure out tomorrow morning. For now, sleep. Before the horrible snoring person returns, whom has cost me many hours of sleep the last 2 nights, despite my ipod and earplugs (justifiable homicide?). Gnight!

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