It’s a beautiful mornin’

Unfortunately, I was inside working. Clear blue skies were spotted for the first time in 2 weeks, so the owners of the motel took off for the mountain (both are avid snowboarders) shortly after the slopes opened at 9am, leaving me in charge. Being a Monday, the motel was quiet, with only 2 rooms needing work. Since I had all morning to myself, I decided to take my camera along on the journey.

First things first was to change the sheets and make the beds. The key to this is the hospital cornering of the sheets, and making sure to tuck everything as tight as possible. For those that remember the Tuck/No Tuck episode with George talking about hotel sheets, he would HATE this motel. The sheets are always tucked super-tight.

Next up is the kitchen. This family actually kept theirs remarkably clean, it was an easy job for once! Most often, there are dirty dishes everywhere, random bits of food, etc. It usually takes twice as long.

Then, onto the bathroom, and most specifically the shower. This always takes the longest in the bathroom, but here there wasn’t much to do other than a quick scrub and dry.

Finally, after the beds are made, the kitchen and bathroom cleaned/vacuumed, it’s just a quick tidy up and putting the towels around, and I’m done!

Once my work was finished for the day and lunch eaten, the rain returned and a small part of me died, knowing I may never get to enjoy the sun again at this rate. Stupid weather.

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