Much Better!

After far too many days of rain, the last 2 days saw….well more rain. BUT, Ruapehu was open for skiing/snowboarding. The conditions weren’t great, but the winds were calm and it had decent visibility. And best of all for me, being middle of the week there were very few people.

Yesterday was my 3rd (half) day on the slopes, and I FINALLY got over the barrier of doing proper turns (rather just going via heels or toes) and navigating slopes in the green areas. Such a good feeling to be able to make full turns and not just go down hills via digging my heels in. Proper snowboarding, here I come!

When the weather today turned out to be about the same, I decided to head right back to the mountain and keep pushing for improvement. Part of it was moving up to the Blue (intermediate slopes), and taking chairs much higher up the mountain.

This is the view from the Giant Cafe, after taking the Giant Chair lift – the second highest chairflift on Turoa (there are 4). I’ve now tackledĀ all of the greens about about 1/2 of the bluesĀ (5/11 or so).Ā It’s gettingĀ even MORE fun now that I’m spendingĀ the majority of my time upright and feeling like I sort of know what I’m doing rather than sitting on my butt.

I’ll be going up as much as I can over the next couple weeks to progress up to the black diamonds, and explore all of Turoa. It’s a lot easier now since I have a pass – it cost the same as 3 lift tickets, so I’ve already used enough to get full value from it, and there is still 16 days left in the ski season.

And notice the two fuses? Ya, fixed up a few things in the car. Radio now works again (SUCCESS!) and the lights-on-warning-alarm now chimes. Turns out there are two fuseboxes in the Accord. One in the normal spot that I had already looked before trying to solve these problems (driver-side foot area), the other spot is under the hood of the car. 2 blown fuses found, 2 problems solved! It was a good day today. šŸ˜€

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