Bad idea

Picking up groceries, seeing yogurt covered raisins, thinking ‘oooooooooooh those look tasty! And healthier than chocolate covered ones!’, buying ~350grams of them…and proceeding to eat them all within 24 hours. I know these exist in Canada too, I simply had never sampled them. I always stuck with the chocolate covered variety, especially chocolate covered almonds.

Tasty indeed. But also evil and make me feel kind of ill when I eat too much.

These were the last remnants of that large bag. They were gone within 5 minutes of the photo. This is what happens when it pours rain outside. I eat tasty treats. Well, it is almost Halloween after all, even if this isn’t a day many Kiwis partake in. Very few advertisements, no bombardment of buying options in stores, and I’m betting nobody around here is dressing up on the 31st. Honestly, it’s a little refreshing given the rampant commercialization that goes on now in Canada. I really dislike that it pretty much goes from Halloween decorations filling stores from the end of September and then switching over to Christmas at the start of November. Still, talking to Kiwis, who see the day as a silly North American thing, I do think they are missing out on some of the fun of the day. Not so much as an adult (I’m much more ambivalent towards it now a days, though costume parties can be fun), but as a kid it’s fantastic fun. It gets you out of the house, meeting people, encourages creativity with costumes, and all round is a holiday that I have fond memories of as a kid. Even when it was below zero when trick or treating…brr!

One thought on “Bad idea

  1. I am glad to see that your Hallowe’en memories are good ones and that you actually remember them.