Saturday Market

One of the things I think I’ll be trying to do from now on is to hit the farmer’s market wherever I’m staying, on Saturdays or Sundays. Here in Taupo it falls on each Saturday, so I headed over in the morning.

Taupo’s wasn’t too big (not a ton of nearby farmland I suppose), but there were several options for fresh veggies or fruits. I also am keeping an eye out for a few last pieces I’d like to gather for myself while camping, such as pans, plates and utensils. I just want cheap stuff, I don’t want to pay much of anything for this stuff so it doesn’t have to be anything special. No such luck this weekend there, but I did find some tasty fruit.

2KG of apples = $4. It costs that much for 1KG of apples at the grocery stores. Score! This will keep me fed for a little bit.

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