I Always Wanted to be a Hamster

Before Aura left to continue her journey southward, we had one final activity to try together. Zorbing.

While you can do ‘Zorbing’ in a great many places around the world now, New Zealand, and more specifically, Rotorua, was the birthplace. And if you don’t know what Zorbing is – picture a human in a giant hamster ball rolling down a hill. That’s pretty much exactly what it is. It’s as silly and as fun as it sounds.

The Zorb course in Rotorua offered 2  different courses (there is a supposed 3rd course, but I didn’t spot it) for your Zorb trip.  First, you dive head first into the Zorb, which is a double-walled giant (soft) plastic ball with an air cushion between the two layers, and they also add a bit of water with you in order to reduce any friction in the ball. Then, you are sent rolling down your course of choice. I chose the windy course, which ended up rolling me every which way. Forward, backwards, sideways. You really lose track of where you are going since you can’t see much inside the ball. You are always lying back, I tried to stand and run the ball for the start (like a good little hamster) but once you get moving you are just along for the ride!

Aura was next and opted for the straight down run. You pick up a good amount of speed on your way down!

After our rolls we were both soaking wet but in great spirits – Zorbing really is a lot of fun if an immensely silly thing to do! But certainly something to experience once!

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