I’ve now covered pretty much all of the North Island that I wanted to. About the only major area that I missed is the west coast, where Mt. Taranaki makes it’s home (another big volcano/mountain). Other than that, I’ve been pretty thorough. It might look like there is a big gap between Wanganui/Wellington/Napier at the South-West end, but there isn’t too much to see there. A highway does run all the way from Napier to Wellington, but it’s primarily farming and vineyards along the way. When I get back to the North Island I’ll probably journey to the West Coast to complete the circuit of the North Island. But that won’t be for several months now. January 2nd I’ll be sitting on the ferry heading to the South Island, and all new adventures will start there. This site might be on hiatus for the first two weeks of January – I’ll be travelling with friends until January 14th, so I expect my time to put things up here will be much less. I’ll resume and recap everything when I can.

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