One Last Stop

A bit outside of Mt. Cook township was my last major hike in the region, so I hit it as I drove away and bid adieu to a wonderful area of New Zealand. That spot was the Tasman Glacier and Terminal Lake.

You can barely make out the actual Tasman glacier – it’s completely rock covered from its journey from high in the mountains to the lake. The glacier face is at the far end of the lake.

Just one of several icebergs on the lake.

From the lake down the valley.

One of numerous peaks…and the ‘Blue Lakes’ below. I think they might want to update their naming.

Remember that iceberg earlier? Ya, not small!

Another look at Tasman Glacier and some surrounding peaks.

One last panorama of the Lake.

At the mouth of the Tasman river as it leaves the lake and heads down into the valley.

And that was it for my time in Mt. Cook. It was actually only 2 nights, but there was a LOT of hiking that I did during the days and it is one of my favourite places in the South Island so far. Now, it was time to make my way back to Queenstown.

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