Dunedin – Day 3

Finally! A sunn…..errr partly cloudy day! I wanted to make the most of my last full day in Dunedin, and the weather finally started to behave a bit. The peaks of sunshine warmed the ground considerably compared to the last few days and I had some exploring to do. First up was a factory tour.

But this wasn’t any old factory tour. Oh no.

Indeed, it was the Cadbury factory in Dunedin. Ah, chocolate. Yum. And of course, the joy of going on a chocolate factory tour – they give you chocolate! Unfortunately, they wouldn’t allow cameras into a working factory, so this is as close as my camera came:

You do get a chance to take pictures of their old Model-T milk truck though.

The tour was great. It was about an hour or so long, and you got to see all sorts of different machines. At this factory they produce all the smaller, individually wrapped types of chocolates, not the larger blocks or bars. And so there were samples a-plenty. But for some reason, my sample bag never seemed to get any heavier…

There was a lot of neat history to the place to, as the factory had been here in Dunedin (under another company that Cadbury bought), for over 100 years. It was an interesting, and more importantly, tasty, tour! At the very end they give you liquid milk chocolate, which I’m pretty sure pushed me a couple steps closer to being a diabetic.

After that, it was time to explore the city of Dunedin itself. Dunedin’s a lovely city, with enjoyable European styled architecture sprouting up everywhere, from it’s churches…

To its famous train station. Apparently the 2nd most photographed man-made structure in the Southern Hemisphere (Sydney Opera House being the #1), the train station sits just south of the downtown area, called ‘The Octagon’. This is a town you can literally drive in circles, as the Octogon has a couple roads encircling the center of town. I just walked.

From the downtown, I took a walk north of the city to an place of peculiarity.

Baldwin Street, also known as the steepest street in the world (as certified by Guinness!). From the bottom, it doesn’t look too steep.

But once you start climbing, your legs are only too pleased to point out just how steep the hike is!

Some thoughtful city planner put a wonderful bench and water fountain at the top of the street. It pretty much dead ends here, with two small residential branches at the top.

At that point, all that is left is to walk back down again! It is hard to tell perspective from the pictures of course, but you’ll just have to trust that it is steep. For the longest time, this road had unpaved sections – simply because the pavement couldn’t set to the sloped surface!

And here is the information at the bottom of the street about what I just walked.

From there I just wandered randomly back towards the town, finding such awesome things as this:

And getting good views towards the main part of they city as I crested a small hill.

At the bottom of the hill I could see a large crowd gathered – turned out it was for an international cricket match! I still have no clue what is going on in this sport..

After all that walking, my sugar high had worn off and I sought out my other daily addiction (the primary being ice cream). Caramel Slices. Found at almost every cafe in New Zealand, these things are delicious.

And with that, I had finished my time in Dunedin. But I wasn’t going too far the next day – it was over to the Otago Peninsula for me for some hiking!

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