The Return to Milford

The first time I was in Milford Sound, it was a stunningly clear, sunny and warm day.

With Marc, Alex and Sabrina, the return trip was remarkably different.

Clouds and rain created hundreds of small waterfalls everywhere. And this was just on the drive in.

And then one of my favourite parts of New Zealand made a guest appearance!

The Kea were back (a pair of them), and up to their usual mischief of attacking cars and entertaining tourists. I love Kea and want one of my own.

Rather than the Horner tunnel, where they hung out last time I was here, we found them at the Chasm.

After being entertained by the birds (and allowing my overheated brakes a chance to cool), it was off to the Sound.

Sabrina, Alexandra and Marc took to the water, while I relaxed on shore.

And just enjoyed the brilliant scenery.

Many had mentioned that Milford is as good, if not better, with rain. I can understand that sentiment now, having seen it in person. When on the boat last time, there were only 3 waterfalls, all permanent. From shore, I could see dozens that pop up temporarily with the rainfall. Pretty stunning stuff.

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