The Return to Edoras…and a couple nights in Jail

After the fun on Tasman Lake at Mt. Cook, we didn’t have much time to spare – we still had a full day of travel ahead of us, going from Mt. Cook to Christchurch. Not to mention, we were taking a detour along the way. But first was a quick stop at lovely Tekapo.

From there, we drove for several hours until arriving out our detour destination. Mt. Sunday, or Edoras from the Lord of the Rings films. Alex and Marc were keen to see the area.

While I had been here previously, the high winds didn’t really endear me to the idea of hiking. The weather today? Still outstanding.

Views from the top.

Still a very beautiful spot to visit, LOTR fan or not.

From there, it was an uneventful drive onwards to Christchurch. Once in Christchurch, we headed straight to jail.

A huge, converted jail, this hostel was probably the most interesting hostel I’ve stayed at in New Zealand.

They’ve maintained one of the rooms in the same condition as it used to be, but throughout the place  the Jail theme predominates…and impresses, really.

A very cool place to spend a few nights. So much character, history (they have articles and books you can read on it’s storied past), a relatively good location and friendly staff…great spot! Everyone enjoyed the confines of our jail cell for the night.


One thought on “The Return to Edoras…and a couple nights in Jail

  1. Very interesting night’s accomodation. Did you see any ghost of the past immates?