Franz Josef Glacier…now with sunshine!

Despite two prior visits, the Franz Josef Glacier remained a mystery to me. Both times it had been cloaked in mist, rain and clouds. A third and final time proved to be the charm.

I’ve got to say, compared to Fox Glacier…Franz really didn’t impress much.

See, this is how you do a glacial valley!

The much more impressive Fox Glacier.

And up close to Fox. I didn’t go ice climbing this time, it was just a to-the-face and back hike today, for there was more walking to be done!

Such as around Lake Matheson! No reflections today, but still great views of Mt. Tasman and Mt. Cook. And some cows.

There were a lots of Pukekos here, making a lot of noise.

Even without the reflection, the view across the lake was very enjoyable.

To cap off a whirlwind touring day, my parents and I headed down to Gillespie Beach, a beautiful tract of pebbled beach with a ton of good drift wood.

After a full day of exploring the glacier areas, we retired back to Franz Josef for the night. The next day would be a long day driving and I’d be seeing a new part of New Zealand myself – the golden beaches of Nelson.

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