Up to Nelson

The drive from Franz Josef to Nelson is long and while it does have a few things to look forward to, mostly it is just a lot of driving.

After heading out from Franz, my parents and I made a quick stop in Greymouth for their morning coffee and my morning Caramel slice. We were once again surrounded by blue skies and sunlight. I for one don’t get tired of it!

From there, it was a quick 30 minutes north to once again see:

Yup, Punakaiki, the Pancake Rocks. We weren’t the only ones checking out the scenery.

It was a gorgeous day yet again, and my parents seem to have just some amazing travel luck down here in New Zealand. In addition to having a splendid weather day, when we arrived at the Rocks the tide was high and the wind was strong, driving large waves ashore. PERFECT for the rocks and the numerous blowholes around to be on full display.

The most prominent blowhole was here, amongst the ‘central’ kind of display of the pancake rocks.

Wait for it…

From there, it is an easy 20 minutes more of walking to get back to the car.

Onwards from there, we stopped at the small town of Westport, which I had yet to see. A quick and easy lunch at a bakery, and we left the town as quickly as we had arrived. There really wasn’t much to see there, at least upon first impression. Then it was off to Nelson with the hopes of continued sun, and now, golden sand…

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