Big and Little Circles

After an eventful and very enjoyable 11 days with my parents, we drove to Picton where we went separate ways at the ferry. They were off to Wellington, while I had a few last things I wanted to do around the South Island before I returned to the North. Upon getting into Picton, I had now closed a massive loop around the South Island, starting January 2nd and not finishing until April 11th.

That is a lot of squiggles! And it doesn’t even cover all the repeated routes, like the Te Anau-Queenstown drive, which I probably did 6 or 7 times total. Many miles on my old car. But I wasn’t finished with the loops for the day. After picking up my next travel partner, I went back to Nelson via a different route. Just for some variety.

That, and the coastal route to Picton is a really curvy road. VERY curvy. In the pouring rain (the first rainy day I’d had in…probably 3 weeks), such roads are more a hassle than a joy. Going via Blehheim was flat and boring, but easy for the drive back. We were heading to Nelson for a good reason – I was returning to the Abel Tasman, this time for a few days.

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