Surf Highway

Driving from Wanganui to the West Coast city of New Plymouth, one is presented with several options. The shortest drive cuts through the interior region east of Mt. Taranaki, through the town of Stratford. However, the more scenic drive follows Highway 45, the so called ‘Surf Highway’.

Having all day to get to New Plymouth, I opted for the Surf Highway. Small towns dot the drive, with numerous beaches for surfers to hit the waves.

The weather had other ideas. Heavy rains and high winds meant I stayed confined to my car for the majority of the trip. The coastal scenery was quite pleasant, when I could make it out amongst the sheets of driving rain. The above was the only picture I took the entire time, and unsurprisingly, for now, Mt. Taranaki remained unseen. On a clear day, the towering volcanic peak can be seen from hundreds of kilometers away. On this day, driving beside the mountain only revealed more clouds and rain. My volcanic adventures would have to wait.

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