Along the Waterfront

Another day, another city walk! I’d already hit upon the Yarra River a tiny bit, but today I’d explore it more at length.

While the river itself is quite ugly and brown, the buildings running alongside do a good job for making up for it. While it certainly can’t compare to the river views of something like Chicago, the views here were still very pleasant.

I started near the large iron structure on top of the Melbourne Arts Centre.

Then it was down and along the riverside. Part way through, probably the most striking of the buildings came into center focus – the Crown Casino area. Very fancy looking. I wandered through on the way back. Upscale restaurants (ie $50+per person), expensive shops, flashing lights and lots of glitz.

Wandering through a park named for someone famous…

That someone famous would be Batman! The Caped Crusader is well loved here in Melbourne.

Actually, I think Melbourne was settled by someone with the last name Batman I think…but I was still hoping to see a superhero Batman statue somewhere in the park. I was disappointed (The new movie was excellent, by the way).

Finally, I came to the end of the walk. This odd structure is actually the end of a bridge.

I couldn’t spend too much time admiring the strange ironwork though. I had a footy game to get to!

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