Last one, I promise!

I had one final walk in Melbourne I wanted to do before I left the city. This one encompassed the crown jewel of Melbourne’s Parks, the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Another pretty enjoyable day weather wise, though it was already starting to cloud over when I started at the Queen Victoria garden area. There is a big statue to her in the distance.

Other English kings and such were also immortalized around the park.

There was a big music bowl, currently empty. During the summer I can imagine it sees a lot of use. A bit too cold right now though.

The Shrine of Remembrance, an impressive and imposing building that remembers those that have fallen during wartime.

The view back towards Melbourne. Surprisingly hazy, I hadn’t noticed that before.

Now into the Royal Botanic Gardens themselves. A massive area with numerous pathways. Being winter not a lot is in bloom, but it is still a lush, relaxing green area.

My favourite area, the ‘Volcano’. Featuring desert and arid flora.

And that was about it! The rain started to settle in so I headed back to my hostel, another day complete.

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