Adelaide – City of Beaches

Adelaide is close to a decent sized body of ocean (Gulf St. Vincent), and makes excellent use of that fact with many coast-side suburbs. Probably the most well known and accessible is the suburb of Glenelg, an easy tram ride away from the downtown.

Given that it is still winter here Glenelg was pretty empty, despite the wonderful sunny day. I had the area pretty much to myself to do some exploring.

From the main street of Glenelg the jetty extends out into the ocean, so naturally I walked to the end of it and back.

Light grey/brown sand stretched on for miles in either direction. I can imagine that once summer rolls around, this place will be filled with people.

Because I had an entire day out here, I decided to make the ~15km roundtrip to the next major beach district, Brighton.

Much of the enjoyable walk was done along the beach itself. Not much to see, but a nice stroll nonetheless.

Once I got to Brighton I had a hankering for some lunch. Rather than getting a nutritionally balanced meal, I settled for this instead. It was awesome.

From Brighton I moved inland for my walk back to Glenelg, where I jumped back on the tram to return me to the downtown core.

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