Adelaide – City of Wine

Australia is a country well known for it’s wine, especially of the Red variety. Adelaide is the gateway to some of the best known wine regions of Australia, including the Barossa and Clare Valleys and the Coonwarra region. Because of this, there is a huge pavilion in Adelaide dedicated to the love of wine, called the National Wine Centre of Australia.

On the insides, you get an idea that they have a lot of wines here. A HUGE amount of wines actually.

In the upper portion of the building they have a visitors center and information area, which I was naturally curious to see. Here they pointed out the various regions in Australia, most of which are centered around the South East corner of the continent.

One wall was dedicated to the numerous varietals of grape you can find within Australia’s borders. The Shiraz grape is the most widely grown.

Further along they take you through a simple tour of winemaking.

And the importance of bottling for the life of a wine. Australia is also one of the pioneers for moving away from corking wine and instead using screw caps.

A very enjoyable diversion for a few hours.

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