Adelaide – City of Corpses

Despite all that it has going for it; the excellent green spaces, lovely beaches, accessible wine valleys and hugely popular festival season, I couldn’t help but find Adelaide depressingly bleak. There is simply no life, excitement or enjoyable feeling to the CBD area. Much of this I believe has to do with how the city is structured – most people live outside the CBD, rather than somewhere like Melbourne which has a very heavily populated downtown. The core of Adelaide empties out by 6pm. Even during the middle of the day though, the streets just don’t feel like that of a big city.

That normally should be in a plus in my book, but for whatever reason Adelaide just didn’t click in the least. I’m not even the only one to notice this – many people had mentioned Adelaide as being a ‘boring’, ‘drab’, or downright depressing place to be. It’s just at such odds with the wonderful parts that are at the city’s disposal that it creates a bizarre juxtaposition. With that in mind, I booked a tour heading North – to the sun-scorched blasted wasteland that is the center of Australia.

Before my tour left though, I got a taste of Adelaide’s ‘other’ side. Adelaide has the unfortunate nickname ‘City of Corpses’. Whether it rightly deserves the title really depends on who you ask, but it is kind of a funny thing to hear bandied about, considering South Australians (and Adelaidians), pride themselves on being the only State in Australia that wasn’t settled by prisoners, but free-people instead. Yet, it is known to be where people are most at risk at getting killed (statistics don’t really back this up, yet the belief remains). That being said, the day before I was leaving I looked outside my hostel to see a taped off murder investigation.

At that point, it gets a bit harder to disbelieve the ‘City of Corpses’ moniker. Time for me to leave!

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