The Red Centre – Sunset at Uluru

Watching the sun set on Uluru is one of the most iconic scenes in the Outback of Australia. As the sun drops below the horizon, Uluru will go through different shades of colour before being lost from sight to darkness. After our day at Kata Tjuta, this was how we spent our evening, watching Uluru.

From this distance, Uluru was postcard-picture perfect. It is certainly an impressive sight…well, for about 5 minutes. The sunset happens over a period of about 30 minutes, so you’ve got time to take in some of the surroundings. I particularly liked how the sun created the silhouette of Kata Tjuta. I found it remarkable how noticeable they still were, despite being about 50km away.

We also got a small group shot. Lauren in purple and Sarah in grey and black were far and away my favourite people that I met during the tours. They were wonderfully fun Brits.

Finally, the moods of Uluru as the sun sets. This is one of those things that I feel is actually more impressive to see the results on your computer afterwards, captured in photos. While you are standing there watching the Rock you don’t really notice the change in colour too much as it happens very gradually. It is still pleasant and interesting, but given the hype around it, I was a bit underwhelmed while standing there.

Despite my slight misgivings about the sunset experience, as we retired back to our campground and the second night under the stars I was still very much looking forward to what the next morning held – a walk around Uluru, giving an up-close and personal experience with the big red rock.

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