St Kilda

Free from my work commitments and feeling like a huge weight had been lifted, I spent the first nice day of unemployment exploring south of the downtown of Melbourne. I was headed towards the beachside destination of St. Kilda. This was a place most people would visit via the tram system. I decided to use my feet instead.

Between the CBD and St Kilda lies Albert Park, a large expanse of green-space and lake that forms a beautiful spot in the greater Melbourne Area.

Being spring-time now meant that there were some new additions to the gaggles of geese and swans in the area. This pair of Black Swans were looking after their group of ugly ducklings.

I carried on alongside Albert Lake. It really was a stellar day. I was down to shorts and a t-shirt it was so warm and sunny.

St. Kilda! Okay, the town itself isn’t really what I came here for. It wasn’t anything special, besides being overpriced.

I came just for this!

Actually, no, I didn’t. I just thought it was creepy looking.

In reality, most people come to St. Kilda for THIS:

Yes, the glorious sandy beaches. It was a lovely day for the beaches, if still a little cook (probably 24C or so). I still happily indulged in some ice cream as I wandered.

As I made my way slowly back to Melbourne via the shoreline, I came across a pretty big boat.

One of the primary ways to get to Tasmania is via the ferry. I have to admit, I was a little tempted to head there next. Tasmania has one of the (if not THE) best hikes in all of Australia, the Overland track. I’d love to get a chance to hike the Overland and it’s spectacular scenery…but I’ll wait for a bit warmer weather still.

By the time I made it back to the downtown, I estimated my distance at around 22 kilometers all told. My feet were sore but I felt great! This was what I loved about travelling. To explore.

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