Exploring the Yuppie Wasteland

The next sunny day I was out and about in Fremantle again, this time hitting the beaches. To be honest, there wasn’t much more to Fremantle that I wanted to see, the city was somewhat of a disappointment. Many had mentioned it as a great place to stay and find work, relax in, etc. While I guess I could understand that to a certain extent, the denizens that took to Fremantle were hippies, yuppies and druggies, at least in my hostel (the highest rated one in the area) and surrounding area (the main part of Fremantle). Not to mention the hostel was a disaster and in rather squalid shape. I’m not entirely sure where the high reviews of the place came from. So in general, I was pretty exasperated with Freo.

On the other hand, the beaches lived up to their billing as fantastic.

Having a whole day to spend outdoors, I wandered south along the beach for an hour or so before heading inland. Because Transformer stations make fun landmarks! Also because I was starting to get hungry, and the beaches south of Fremantle are pleasantly still undeveloped. There is just miles of coastal beach for you to have for yourself.

While hiking up amongst the hills south of Fremantle I stumbled across this guy, a blue-tongued skink. Not knowing what they were at the time, I kept my distance. But it turns out that these guys are harmless and really cute! They are also quite sizable, this one would probably be about the length of a ruler.

I got to the top of the hill I was walking and took in the view. Nothing too special today, but it felt good to be out hiking. My cold had mostly gone away by now.

I strolled towards the south of Freo and stumbled upon a massive street market. Naturally I managed to find a lot of food to snack on here. This market, much like Freo, was filled with environmentally friendly, green-flag waving, vegetarian and vegan hippies and other unwashed folk (lots of normal people too). But they did have yummy caramel slices! 🙂

I headed further inland to Monument Hill War Memorial, which supposedly gives a commanding view over Fremantle.

I’d say the views were mediocre. But it was a beautiful and quiet spot to pull out a book and read, so I did just that. I relaxed my way through the rest of my time in Fremantle. After 4 days I had had enough of the area and headed to Perth, hoping for bigger and better things from Western Australia’s capital city.


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