The Next Morning in Karijini

Bright and early the next morning saw us descending into our second gorge in Karijini – this time it was down to Knox Gorge. We’d be spending the entire morning here, hiking and swimming.

We had gotten an early start to beat the heat of the day into the gorge, but it was still toasty and humid by 9am.

The scenery once again was stunning, with a massive scale.

We had the entire gorge to ourselves, not seeing another soul. The waters were calm and the light long.

This was the area our hike stopped – behind me the gorge narrows and becomes an abseiling spot. We rested here a bit before starting back.

Coming back, the sun had moved a bit more overhead. Pictures were starting to come out better!

Quite a few of the sections required careful navigation. Footholds would often only be centimeters deep as we shimmied across ledges.

For the most part though, nothing overly dangerous. Usually the worst that would happen would be falling into water. Thankfully, none of us fell from ledges, with only a couple slips on water sections occurring during our 2 days in Karijini.

We had walked past the area where we had descended into Knox gorge – we were hiking to our own private swimming area now! The surroundings got greener as we headed upstream.

Often we’d be walking above small shrub forests. Scale is always hard to tell in these spots, but the walls here are dozens of meters high. You are dwarfed when walking amongst them.

This was our final destination – a private swimming grotto! After all the hiking and the building heat, this was paradise. We quickly got in the water.

Nearby rocks and cliffs allowed me to practice my woefully out of sync diving! No, I did not bellyflop!

After spending the remainders of the morning swimming, diving and relaxing, we headed back to the main part of the Gorge.

Climbing out of the gorge, I took a few last shots.

Here you can kind of get a sense of how these gorges are cut into the valley, rather than between mountains. It’s really pretty cool!

Hungry after all of our adventuring, we returned to camp for our lunch. We didn’t stay long though, this was just the first of 3 gorges for the day!

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