Karijini Continues…

After our filling lunch we ventured out for the afternoon – this time in pursuit of Weano and Hancock Gorges. Of first gorge of the afternoon would be Weano Gorge.

They are all starting to blur together, aren’t they? In person, they were no less stunning. This hike contained a few long water sections – time to get our feet wet!

The final section of our hike in Weano involved a tight squeeze, and a handrail.

The handrail I mentioned – this part was TRICKY. The water underneath making the rocks slick and only having a narrow rail for stability.

But the effort was well worth it – we had made it to Handrail Pool. A stunning little spot, we quickly got into the water and splashed around for a bit. A few of us also did some cliff diving from the outcrop on the right hand side. It was a 5-6 meter jump we figured, which when you get up there seems PLENTY high! Lots of fun too though.

After our relaxing swim we scrambled our way back out and headed to Hancock Gorge!

Hancock again narrowed considerably, this time at a more gentle slope than Weano Gorge.

The narrowing was enough that if you wanted, you could ‘spider’ walk on both sides, keeping your feet dry. Most of just just opted to get our feet wet, it was less effort.

The Hancock Gorge swimming hole, not as impressive as the rest.

But just beyond was the impressive opening of the gorge again. The walk was too tricky to traverse without proper gear though, so we turned around after a short break.

Climbing back out we headed to one final spot for the day – the Oxer Lookout, which peers down at 4 gorges – Hancock, Weano, Red and Joffre!

The light was getting long once again as evening was approaching, so we stopped here for a short time to snap a few shots before finding dinner.

Dinner was well deserved and eaten with gusto. Sleep came easily, and we still weren’t finished with Karijini! It really was a fantastic set up, we’d be spending one more morning exploring another spot. Perfect!

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