Goodbye to Karijini

The next morning came and we packed up our gear. We were taking off towards Broome once again, with one final hike and swim in Karijini. This time we’d be visiting the majestic Fortescue Falls in the Dales Gorge.

Dales Gorge wasn’t as steep or narrow as the others, but it did have a couple of great waterfalls.

We walked past that first waterfall pictured above, towards a second, more secluded swim spot. Along the way we took the opportunity to get a group shot of us in a tree.

From there it was a short walk to our swimming pool, which also featured a small pair of waterfalls.

We splashed around in this relaxing pool for a bit, swimming up and under the waterfalls and relaxing in the sun. Afterwards, we returned to the main part of the Falls for more relaxing in the sun.

Fortescue Falls is a beautiful spot. The sun made the rocks remarkably hot, but perfect for a nap if you just got out of the water and had a towel to insulate.

After my nap I wandered over for a better view of the waterfall. Fancy camera came in handy, longer exposure times!

At that point, our time in Karijini was finished and we headed out. It was a *fantastic* few days spent in the gorges!

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