Cable Beach

My first full day in Broome was relatively uneventful. I wandered the streets of the town, relaxed in a cafe and figured out my plans for the next day. In the evening I returned to the hostel where a few of us were staying. There, one person from the tour and I decided to go see a movie in town. But this wasn’t to be at any old theatre, this would be at Broome’s deck chair cinema.

We saw Madagascar 3, and it was great fun overall. The movie was light, colourful and immensely enjoyable and the setting was perfect. The sun had just set, the air was pleasantly warm and the bats just started to come alive as the night progressed. Yup, bats! It was cool.

The next morning was an early one for me as I had some hiking to do. I returned to Gantheaume Point, but this time I was here for a beach hike along the famous Cable Beach.

The hike isn’t an overly short one a 7 kilometers long, but on a bright and sunny morning it is a very pleasant way to start the day.

Looking back at Gantheaume Point, where I was just a few days earlier. Oddly enough there is only a single bus that you can take to start this hike. It’s the first bus of the day. So I was out here pretty early (around 8am if I recall).

There wasn’t much to see along the beach hike itself. Endless white sandy beach and neon blue water. Cable Beach supposedly gets mentioned on ‘best beaches in Australia/World’ type lists once in a while, but I don’t see how. Things like this are a pretty big negative in my mind.

Those would be jellyfish. Many jellyfish. Depending on your timing, you can’t swim in the water at Cable Beach AT ALL. Well, you can, but that’s just asking for immense pain. These weren’t even the worst jellyfish, those apparently come later. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice beach, but I’d want to be able to enjoy the water if I were to name it one of the best beaches in the world!

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