The Long Road Back

So you are up in Broome, middle of nowhere. Where do you go next? Some people continue on into even REMOTER areas (hard to believe!) as they travel towards Darwin or Alice Springs. Thousands of kilometers of remote and difficult outback. Many people fly back to civilization. But a select few of us chose to finish with the bus back. The tour company has to retrieve their vehicles, so they offer pretty cheap seats to cover the 2000+km distance back to Perth. We had a very long set of 3 days ahead of us.

Stops were mostly made for fuel and food. We did make a short stop midway through our first day for a splash in a pool and a bit of a leg stretch. Our second day was something like 13 hours driving. Near the end of it we picked up more people, those returning to Perth from Monkey Mia. Our guides weren’t very happy with the additional passengers – now they had to feed us and also make an additional stop on our last day. But those of us coming from Broome didn’t mind, we got extra food out of it as well as a small tour stop over. That stop was at an Australian animal rescue!

They had all sorts of animals here, including the above pictured blue tongued lizard. They are really cute, so I was keen to hold one. I wonder if you can keep them as pets?

They also had sick/injured kangaroos that you could feed.

Not to mention very cute baby kangaroos!

There were also some dingoes about, I got to handfeed emus and a very mean ostrich, and even a large salt water crocodile in a habitat. It was a nice 30 minute break from all the time spent on the bus.

Eventually we rolled into Perth in the early evening. It had been a LONG 14 days since I left the city, but I was glad I had taken the chance to explore the wild west of Australia.

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