I’ll Come Back Later…

Leaving Perth I crossed the continent over 3 long days. I once again enjoyed my journey – it was relaxing, I got lots of photos worked on and I also went through a book or two. Nothing wrong with travelling by train at all.

I was eventually deposited at Sydney’s Central Station. I had a week here in Sydney to explore. And explore I did. Entirely unexpectedly, I also fell in love with the city. I’ll elaborate why at a later time, but I’m actually going to skip ahead a week. I had spent 7 fun, sunny and full days in Sydney and knew I wanted more, but also that I wanted to see some of the surrounding area. So I headed to the nations Capital city, Canberra, 4 hours to the South West by train.

Arriving in the early evening, my first impressions weren’t stellar. The train in Canberra drops you in a suburb (Kingston), not the closest spot to the downtown core. I needed a bus to get there, except the next bus wasn’t for another hour. Yuck. So after 4 hours of sitting on a train I got to enjoy 1 hour of sitting at the bus stop. At least the weather was pleasant and I was enjoying the fresh air.

I finally got to the hostel (a rather nice place), settled in for the night and started thinking about my next few days. There are numerous galleries, museums and landmarks in Canberra, so choosing some for the next 3 full days would prove to be a challenge. Many are world class places, so I wanted to make the most of my time! I went to sleep early that night, planning for a full day. It would indeed prove to be busy.

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