What’s mine is mine once again

After a very easy 20 minute meeting, I now have a fully accessible New Zealand Bank Account, Visa card and bank card (all in one). This has been such a remarkably simple process – I was able to partially open an account online, from Canada. This gave me an account number, transfer agent to ask questions to, and most importantly, allowed me to do a bank transfer from Canada before I even left. So my money was sitting here waiting for me when I arrived, I just needed to meet with my transfer agent here in New Zealand, provide 2 pieces of ID, sign a few papers and off I went. It still is startling to me how easy New Zealand has made everything to pick up and move here – I imagine havine thousands of kilometers of ocean around you on all sides before any major landmass helps a bit, as the worry of illegal immigration would be pretty low I imagine. While I imagine the problem still exists, it certainly doesn’t seem to be a concern from what I can see. They seem more than pleased to allow me into their country and have made everything so darn easy!

It’s alternating between rain and sunshine again today, so I’m currently hiding out from the showers. This allows me to start looking at my next major hurdle – buying a car. All it has to do is get me from point A to B, so it’s going to be cheaper than anything I’ve had previous. Given my mechanical ineptitude, this could be disatrous. I also seem to be on a bit of a downward slide in terms of the car I have – I thought I was supposed to have nicer cars as I got older?


4 thoughts on “What’s mine is mine once again

  1. Haha, in terms of money spent to buy the car it was! I guess if I wanted the graph to be more accurate, I should have adjusted for depreciation. 😉
    The Civic was the much better value and *retained* it’s worth much better – I traded in the Taurus in 2009 for $2000 (granted, could have got a bit more selling private), and sold the Civic in 2011 for $4600! Same year and similar mileage on those two, but quite the difference in value. 🙂

  2. Instead of donkey, I propose turtle for 2012-???. It’ll get you to Australia. =)