Japanese Pancake

Having never had one of these confectionery items, I was naturally curious to see what it was when I saw one advertised near the central Library. It seemed like a popular place, and at $4NZD, was darn cheap for dinner. After ordering a ‘beef and cheese’ pancake (this should have been my first warning – beef and cheese?), I watch as the workers began preparing my food. After dousing a frying pan with oil, my blobby pancake is tossed into the pan and flattened. It actually looked quite appetizing! I was hungry, so that probably helped. After 5 minutes of cooking, the area smelled great and I received my mysterious food. It looked fairly close to a normal pancake. It was scorching hot when I got it and was simply presented in a couple of napkins, so I started wandering towards my bus stop. Eventually it had cooled enough for me to sample. Crunchy outside, fluffy inside! Pretty tasty. Like a giant pancake really. A few more bites and I was enjoying myself.

And then I hit the ‘beef’. I really don’t think it was beef. It certainly didn’t taste like any beef I’ve had before. I assumed that the first bite of meat was simply one of those odd flavour pockets, the next wouldn’t be too bad….nope. Taste got worse. I think they actually dared to put onions in there as well. THE HORROR. I proceeded to eat the outside edges of the pancake, tossed the middle section in the garbage and went to sleep hungry. Lesson learned. My cereal this morning tasted extra special and non-mysterious.

But I did also manage to get a nice nighttime picture of the Skytower from the University of Auckland (nice place!).


Oh, and I plan to jump off said tower (with a harness, don`t worry!) before I leave Auckland. It`s only the tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere after all, so why not? When in New Zealand…:)

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