But I didn’t succumb to my curiosity to find out what exactly Fried & Spicy Chicken Beer might be. My loss. I know where to find it if the craving ever sets in. There is one thing I have been known to have an insatiable appetite for though:

The fact that they charged *$1.20NZD* (roughly $1CAD) for a single scoop and under $2NZD for 2 scoops of glorious ice cream was beyond awesome. I was in heaven. Now, I know what you are probably thinking, but I’m not entirely obsessed with ice cream – I did not specifically seek this wonderful building out, I simply happened upon it. Honest! I was actually in the North Shore area of Auckland looking at a car just up the road of the heavenly spot of ice cream deliverance. The car turned out to be pretty decent – a 1993 Mitsubishi Galant, ran well, and was in pretty good condition, for around $2000NZD. I’ve put in a bid for it, I’ll find out Sunday if I get it. The only problem with it is the exterior colour – it’s purple. Blech. But, if it gets me from Point A to B and is reliable, I’ll be happy as can be. Much like I was eating ice cream (got ‘Hokey Pokey’) in winter time.

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