From North to South to Bondi

The great weather in Sydney continued, so I continued my exploration! After hiking a great section of the North shore of the Harbour, I jumped to the southern shores and explored some coastal scenery.

As with many of my days, it began with a view of the Harbour Bridge as I jumped on another Ferry, this time out to Watsons Bay.

Once in Watsons Bay, it didn’t take long for me to get away from the buildings and find some coastal scenery, including looking back at Sydney in the distance.

There was even some birdlife out amongst the grass with me.

Heading up to South Head I crossed a small, quiet beach. Weeks later I would return here and it would be a packed mass of people.

South Head was home to old fortifications, including this cannon…pointed at Sydney.

At the tip of South Head was a big lighthouse – and across the harbour I could see where I walked yesterday, Manly and North Head!

Then it was time to cliff walk the coastal stretch from South Head down to Bondi.

Panoramic view of the thin spit of land, seeing the coast and the harbour in one.

I continued south, passing some nice locations where I can’t imagine rent would be cheap! The only negative I could see is if the cliffs decided to fall into the sea…and the commute time to the downtown.

Lots of houses close to the cliff edges.

Looking back at some of the areas I’d walked – and you can see North Head still in the distance.

Finally I crested another hill and could see my destination coming into view – the world famous Bondi.

One final look at the coastal cliffs before I headed inland – this was actually a little golf course I was standing on, nice views here! But you won’t be getting your ball back if you mis-hit it a bit…

Bondi Beach, Australia’s most famous stretch of sand. Even today, a mild day, it was packed with beach goers. I went to find some iconic Bondi food – Fish and Chips.

Bondi was home to more than beaches and tasty deep fried fish this day however – I’d continue my exploring the coast lines and be joined by many, many more people on my journey, as I explored the famous Sculptures by the Sea.

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