In celebration of getting a new (very) old car, I treated myself to some sushi this evening. Not the usual sushi you find here – the to go variety, but I actually sat down and ordered some freshly made, to order stuff. In other words, the good stuff. I didn’t splurge that much though – I had a handy voucher from a website called Grabone – very similar to Groupon and the like in North America. So for $15 on Grabone, I get a $35 gift voucher at this sushi place (which was, as it turns out, about 4 blocks from my hostel). Not to shabby!

So I splurged by spending $15 (dinner would normally be $8-10NZD for me or so), but ate darned well. From the $35, I got 16 big fat pieces of assorted Sashimi (6 salmon, 5/5 of two different tunas), and the biggest Dragon Roll I think I’ve ever had:

Oh so good. I couldn’t even get a full piece in my mouth (they were 2-bite sized), but I tried, indeed I tried. I’m going to sleep well tonight.

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