The Tasman Peninsula

I had packed up my things, returned to Hobart, and just one day later found myself on the Tasman Peninsula, South-West of Hobart (instead of South-East, where I was previously). I had found my new home for the next 3 months, working for an Eco-Village and motel. I’d do 6 hours of work a day, for 6 days a week, giving me one free day a week to explore the peninsula. And exploring I’d do!

The Tasman Peninsula has some great coastal scenery. One day a few helpers and I borrowed a car and took a drive around to some of the highlights. Starting with the coast and some sea cliffs.

From that spot it was a short walk down a track to an area called the Remarkable Cave.

If you viewed it at the right angle, the Remarkable Cave opening at the far end looked like the map of Tasmania. During low tide you could actually walk into the cave, but I never lucked into that situation.

From there it was off to Federation Chocolate Factory, for some tasty Chocolate sampling! They had a little museum in the back, but the highlight to me was all the different types of chocolate! Strawberrry, Orange and Ginger, Apple, Honeycomb, Caramel Nougat…they had lots of great types!

Then it was off to the Eaglehawk Neck area, which had several scenic highlights. The first we visited was the Tessellated Pavement, a naturally occurring oddity.

It was a scenic spot in general.

But the rock formations were very strange indeed. It was odd to walk on something that had raised ridges, as if machine made.

Then it was off to the Tasman Arch, Blowhole (not pictured, unexciting!), and Devils Kitchen. This is the arch.

A viewpoint of the coastline from near the Arch.

Down the steep cliffs into the Devils Kitchen. A lllllllllong way down!

That was it for my first scenic tour of the Tasman peninsula. But it wouldn’t be my last! I had many nice hikes to do and more scenery to see!

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