Near Nubeena

Most days at Tasman Eco Village were quite quiet and laidback. With 6 hours of work a day, and short daylight hours, the days went by quickly. That said, there was still some free time for me to explore the surrounding areas, and there was quite a bit of nice scenery to be seen, even on foot.

Most of my walking adventures involved going up the hills behind and around the Motel/Ecovillage. It gave a nice view of the lovely inlet and Parson’s Bay (from whence the motel I worked at took it’s name).

I also did further hikes along dirt roads. This one was to a much further beach named Roaring Beach. First though, one had to cross the dubiously named Stinking Creek.

The creek emptied here, a nice enough spot in it’s own right, though not my final destination. I had a few hours of walking ahead of me.

When I did finally arrive at my destination, the road gave way to dunes and the sounds of the ocean nearby.

A popular surf spot, the only others I saw here were already out on the water. It’s far too cold in June for swimming otherwise!

Roaring Beach stretched out into the distance on both sides. It’s a sizable beach tucked away down in a quiet corner of Tasmania.

It was a beautiful spot, and one I was glad to have visited. My time in winding down, so there wasn’t much left for me to do before my work term was complete.

But there would be a few more adventures…including squeezing cute things!!!

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