Fiddler on the Roof

While I have not been fiddling today nor on a roof in any recent time, I did get to see the play today. My host family invited me to tag along to Waiheke’s community theatre, which is running Fiddler on the Roof. I was more than happy to oblige, given that rain clouds were threatening.

Not much was open given that it was Sunday, but the theatre was busy – Waiheke has 1-2 plays here at the theatre per year that are put on by this group, called the Waiheke Choral Society. It’s all locals in the theatre production, and the towns on the island are great for showing support – this was the 2nd last weekend of the run, and it appeared to still be sold out (they added another weekend to handle the demand). The theatre isn’t large in size though (100-120 people maybe).

Still, the nearly 3 hours production was *great*. And I think the locals love seeing what their neighbours can do singing, acting and production wise – there are some pretty darn talented folk on this island. I naturally didn’t take any pictures during the show, but enjoyed it a lot, as did everyone in the crowd.

Afterwards, it was nearly 5pm and I’d only finished about 2 hours of work for the day, so I headed out back for some more weeding in the dwindling twilight hours. 90 minutes later I headed indoors to have dinner, help with dishes and then fix up a grain mill (working again!). A pretty nice Sunday all told, given that it rained from 1-4pm or so. Worked out quite nicely, so here’s hoping for sunshine tomorrow!

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