I should have taken another before and after picture

I’ve been weeding some more the last 2 days and made good progress in the back yard. There is this very nice rock wall garden that was completely overgrown with weeds that I tackled yesterday (took almost all 5 hours to fully clear out). I didn’t take a picture before starting work, but I do have an entirely accurate artist’s rendition of what it looked like before:

Oh, one other challenge with this section of the garden were the fire-breathing dragons present. An infrequent pest here in NZ, they nonetheless have to be dealt with once in a while.

So, after 5 hours of weeding and shooing away the dragons, the finished garden looked much better:

I’m beginning to understand the grand appeal of having gardens – when clean of weeds and ready to plant, they can look really good! The owner plans to use this as a salad garden, since it’s somewhat protected from wind and heavy rain in this position. Either way, I won’t be able to see the final result unfortunately, but it did look considerably better after a single day’s work!

2 thoughts on “I should have taken another before and after picture

  1. OK I’ll bite; Dragons?? Are you eating magic mushrooms with that sandwich??

  2. I have an intense dislike for any and all mushrooms, so there were no hallucinogens present in my delicious sandwich. I had the sandwich after weeding anyways.