I’ve now been staying in my new WWOOFing homestay, and this was where I was responding to emails this morning:

I’m just outside of Kerikeri, which is a beautiful small town in the far north of New Zealand. It’s often a vacation spot in the summer, and during the winter is usually one of the warmest places in New Zealand. If the picture of my hosts place is any indication, you can imagine that I’m staying at QUITE the beautiful house. The family designed and built it themselves, and used many of the native woods on the land they own here – it’s absolutely *gorgeous*. High vaulted ceilings, a huge amount of windows, and a very unique design. Oh, and I get my own bedroom, bathroom and living room (though I spend my time with them in the ‘main’ living room – wonderful older couple). All in all, remarkably swank and comfy.

Work was relatively easy and playing to my strengths – the had some computer work needed to be completed, which I did in short order today.

Afterwards, I took a short hike out to the end of one of the nearby bays. Getting tired of lush green island vistas yet? I’m not! So here is another. 🙂

One thing I’m really enjoying is just how well kept these walks are – the viewing platform you see in the picture here is a good 20 minutes walk into the bush, away from civilization. And it’s a really nice spot – if the weather stays pleasant, I’ll be taking my Kindle here in the future and relaxing in the sun and (relative) warmth.

After getting back to the main road, I noticed this warning on the trail sign, which I hadn’t seen on my way in. Thankfully, falling from cliffs didn’t happen despite my ignorance of such warnings.

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