I aim to please

I have to be a bit more careful with how I phrase certain things here in New Zealand. In Canada, we simply call Kiwi Fruit, Kiwis. However, down here in New Zealand, Kiwi either refers to the bird or the people. You have to use the full ‘Kiwi Fruit’ name for things to be understandable. Which led to confusion and a ‘Soylent Green is PEOPLE!’ kind of moment this evening.

Previously I had mentioned picking up Whittaker’s Chocolate Caramels (and have been enjoying them immensely…and in moderation), and that Whittaker’s had other, slight more unique flavours. One was Chocolate with Kiwi Fruit, which others have expressed curiosity in, so in the name of science, I had to experiment.

When I got home this evening with the chocolate in tow, I asked my hosts if they had tried ‘Chocolate with Kiwi’ in it before. They expressed their confusion – that didn’t sound very appealing and weren’t sure exactly what I was talking about. It could have been in the shape of a bird or something they thought. At least they didn’t assume I’d already taken to eating the kind folk of New Zealand, covered in chocolate. After clearing up for me that Kiwi and Kiwi Fruit have to be specified down here, we gave the chocolate a try. Now I understand why Whittaker’s prominently puts the FRUIT with the Kiwi name on it’s packaging – don’t want to have any potential worry of nibbling on your fellow countryman.

The consensus? Pretty good, but not great. The chocolate itself is fantastic – Whittaker’s makes GOOD stuff. The bits of kiwi fruit are quite akin to raisins – not exactly what I was expecting. I do enjoy chocolate covered raisins quite a bit, so I still enjoyed the Chocolate and Kiwi Fruit, but I know many *hate* raisins in food, so I can see it being a pretty big disappointment for some.

One thought on “I aim to please

  1. Yes… indeed I’m in the latter camp of raisin-haters. Still wishful that somewhere in that big kiwi country lies a candystore that sells fresh chocolate-covered kiwi fruit slices that are moist!