Colin and the Chocolate Factory

Notice the middle word there – Tasting. Oh yes, there was tasting involved. I probably could have renamed this blog as ‘Colin likes Chocolate’, ‘I went to the far ends of the earth for chocolate’ or the like and it would be a pretty apt description of some of the things I’ve done so far. I swear, I’m not obsessed or addicted to the stuff. I can quit any time.

I took a more relaxed tour of Kerikeri today, heading to the local Makana Chocolate Factory. It’s just a small place that makes gourmet chocolates. Inside the factory I could see through a glass wall to where people were prepping all the little chocolates. I was also given some to sample. Didn’t take any pictures since I didn’t want to bother the workers, but suffice to say the chocolate was outstanding. Thankfully, the high prices prohibited me from picking up even MORE chocolate. I still have 2 half eaten giant Whittaker’s bars to work through.

Afterwards, I went to a nearby park just outside the town proper. You can tell the seasons are already starting to change here.

I for one welcome the coming warmer weather! The sun was out fully again today, so it was still a pleasant 16-18C during the afternoon. It’s just the evenings/mornings that tend to be chilly.

The park was an enjoyable 45 minute walk round trip. I also came across a Kakariki – a small variety of Parrot here in New Zealand.

It’s in there, honest! The bird is actually fairly bright green, blue and red, but also very skittish and took off long before I could get any closer or maneuver for a better angle.

It’s my last night here in Kerikeri – I start my journey south now, back towards Auckland. I’ll be stopping in Helensville next, a town about 45 minutes north of Auckland, and near the west coast. So far I’ve been sticking to the eastern coast towns – they tend to be warmer and more sheltered. So this will be a bit of a departure. I’m doing another WWOOFing placement immediately, this time at an exotic fruit farm.  When I post next I’ll be 250km south from where I am currently. This next host has the unenviable task of being my next hosts after Chris and Terry (my current hosts). I’ve had such a great time staying with them it’s going to be hard to top. From a great place to stay (I have my own fireplace, bathroom and everything), excellent food and very fun evenings just chatting the night away, I’ve really enjoyed staying with them. Experiences like these are one of the main reasons I decided to try WWOOFing – getting to see meet Kiwis and see how they live and enjoy life down on the southerly side of the world. So far, so good!

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