A Deflating Experience

It’s not 100% apparent, but that is my rear passenger tire (or ‘tyre’, as they spell it here in NZ), flat to the ground. ARGH. Found it today after pruning raspberry bushes – it likely had picked something up on my drive to the black sand beach the day prior. Driving on gravel roads is a common occurrence here in New Zealand, it was only a matter of time that this happened. I found the jack and got to work on putting on my spare tire. Considering I had never had to change a flat in my life, I was quite pleased I succeeded in changing my tire without somehow causing bodily harm to myself or the car!

SUCCESS! Well, I managed to drive into town to the local auto-shop, if you consider that success. I certainly do. The shop found the nail that did the damage, however both rear tires were cracking in several places and wouldn’t pass the government inspection each NZ vehicle undergoes every 6 months (mine is coming in October). So instead of paying for the tire to get fixed ($40NZD), I replaced my rear tires. $280 (ACK!), but I was back on the road.

It was a necessary evil. I knew when I bought the car the rear tires were getting close to bald – but had hoped to keep them until I took my car in for inspection in October. Either way, the tires will last me well for the year ahead and realistically won’t cost me anything extra this way. If I had repaired them I would have spent the money and then just replaced the tires 2 months later anyways. So it didn’t work out badly. My front tires are a different set and in much better shape, I believe they’ll last the year as well (fingers crossed of course!).

2 thoughts on “A Deflating Experience

  1. Good to hear you travelling on safer tyres now, money well spent. Safe decisions come from asking what value do you place on your life?. Glad Terry talked to you about getting a spare. Sounds like you made another wise decision.

    Funny I had a flat front tyre Sunday/Monday night last week too. Perhaps we have a bag of loose nails on the drive.

    Kiwi spell/talk: tires = worn out, feeling tired

  2. Funny story about the spare tire Chris – after leaving your place I headed to the auto shop that Terry had talked to about spare tires. When I got there they had the tire as promised, I paid for it and went to go put said tire in my trunk. After clearing my stuff away and lifting up the flooring mat in the trunk, I noticed a second, lower level mat that I had overlooked before. I lifted the second mat up…and found a nice shiny spare tire there (and tire iron and jack).

    The auto shop kindly took their tire back, and while embarrased, at least I saved myself some money. And had a spare tire, which was used a few days later. 🙂