The weather really plays such a big role in the enjoyment of one’s day. When I went to the north end of Muriwai beach, it felt a cold, desolate place. Part of this was likely due to the weather because when I went 30km further south, to the town of Muriwai, the beach here was spectacular.

On some of the large, flat rocks there were large amounts of Gannets nesting. They are large sea-birds. You can smell and hear them long before seeing them.

It was the Gannet mating/nesting season, so there were several displays/courtships going on.

Looking northward along Muriwai beach. Next stop – down to the beach itself!

Muriwai beach is a popular surfing destination, and I can see why – it was bright blue skies and almost no wind, but there were still some waves to be caught. The weather was just great for a winter’s day – 18C and sunny. On the black sand beach it would have been quite easy to grab a towel and bask in the sun. This fur seal had similar ideas:

Finally, on the beach for a barefooted walk (in front are Marian, the daughter of my host and friendly tour guide for the day, and Hanoz, another traveller, from the US).

I ventured out into the waves for a bit until they were up to my knees, though not deep enough for a swim (just a little too cool for that still!).

Afterwards I went back to work at my host’s farm, picking fruit – I’m going to the market with them to sell said fruit tomorrow, which I think will be a really fun experience. Besides the 4:30am wake up time that is!

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